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Preschool (3 years old before December 2024
AM              Tuesday and Thursday
AM or PM    Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Class Times 9:15AM-12:15PM or 12:30PM-3PM

The goal of the Preschool Program is to encourage social, physical and cognitive development through thoughtful and purposeful interactions. The Creative Curriculum and Handwriting Without Tears are integrated to establish developmentally appropriate learning goals. Intentional teaching practices engage students in dynamic classroom experiences helping them naturally expand their knowledge and skills. Playful, active learning is critical for healthy brain development. 
We understand that toilet training is a unique process for each child and strive to support your efforts. Students do not need to be fully toilet trained to participate in the Preschool Program.



K-Prep (4 years old before September 2024)
AM or PM   Monday, Wednesday and Friday
AM              Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
AM              Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Class Times 9:15AM-12:15PM or 12:30PM-3PM

Through project-based learning, engaging classroom centers and teacher directed activities K-Prep students are encouraged to practice physical, academic and social skills. The Creative Curriculum and Handwriting Without Tears are integrated to establish developmentally appropriate learning goals. We encourage critical thinking skills while expanding on knowledge in the key areas of math, science and literacy. Students build a strong foundation of learning skills and leave Kindergarten ready.



Standards, Vision and Philosophy of Education Standards        

The RYF Preschool is licensed by the PA Dept. of Education and upholds the state standard of developmentally appropriate early education.  We incorporate The PA Early Learning Standards, The Creative Curriculum and Handwriting Without Tears to build a solid, comprehensive program.


Our teachers each have degrees in education and have PA Private Academic, Nursery Kindergarten Certification They are required to participate in continued professional growth and development throughout the school year including Infant Child First Aid and CPR.

Classrooms are intentionally organized and designed to promote curiosity and active learning. Open-ended materials and learning centers provide opportunity for exploration and independent learning. Areas dedicated to math, reading, writing, art, dramatic play and imaginative play can be found in each classroom.


Our Vision

Our teachers build on the interests of their students while nurturing the emerging skills needed to achieve success. They are attentive to the stages of child development while guiding social, cognitive and physical development. Creativity and exploration are encouraged in a joyful classroom.


Our student’s unique abilities and interests are respected and supported as they play and learn. They will have daily opportunity to question and discover. Each child will leave the RYF with a strong foundation.

Our parents are warmly welcomed and have open communication with their child’s teacher. They are invited to take active roles in the education of their children, working in unity with center staff with center staff to help their child achieve success.


Our Philosophy of Education

At the RYF Preschool, we recognize the incredible impact of quality early education on child development.  Success reaches beyond the acquisition of academic skills. The pedagogy of Montessori and Reggio provide inspiration as we strive to create a well-balanced, learning environment.  Both practices place an emphasis on hand’s on, child led learning that we implement throughout our program. By incorporating philosophies of intentional teaching and project-based learning, creativity and exploration are emphasized. Each method supports our core practice of respecting and supporting the individuality of the growing children in our care. We are creating life-long learners.


Security, Preparedness and Wellness Procedures

Security The RYF is a secure facility. School doors are monitored by staff at departure/pick-up times and locked at all other times.  All guests, including parents, must check in at the front desk to gain entry into the school. Children are only released to parents and adults designated on their release form.


Preparedness The RYF has a comprehensive Emergency Action Plan in place. As part of our plan, we routinely practice evacuation and shelter in place procedures. The plan is reviewed by staff in the fall and spring of each year.

Our staff is trained in Infant Child First Aid and CPR.


Allergy Plan We are a peanut/tree nut free facility and practice snack time safety measures to insure the well-being of all students. Students provide their own snack and beverage.


Health and Safety  In accordance with Department of Education, we implement strategies to promote the health and wellness of our students and staff. It is our primary goal to balance guidelines with developmentally appropriate practice while providing education in the safest setting. We continually monitor and respond to new ordinance and are prepared to move to a hybrid or virtual model if necessary. Any updates are immediately shared on our school website and via email.


Communication  Mid-year parent-teacher conferences are held in February. Progress reports will be provided at this time and at the end of the year. We value and share any concerns that may arise about your child and welcome parents to contact us at any time. Open communication is key to an effective partnership.


Special Programs

Library/STEAM Center

Students have the weekly opportunity to take part in our library program. Students choose a book, read and complete a log of their reading, working to achieve reading goals. Not only does the program encourage a love of reading at home, but also provides a great opportunity for students to practice reading comprehension and recall skills with their teachers each week.


Field Trips and Guest Speakers

Fall and spring family field trips are planned each year. If opportunity arises, trips may be added throughout the year. Families are invited to join us. (Each child must be accompanied by an adult.) Due to increased motor vehicle, child safety standards, bussing to events is not an option that we choose to provide. Parents are responsible for transportation to and from field trips.

Guest speakers visit our school throughout the year.


Family Events

Family Events are opportunities for our preschool families to gather and enjoy each other’s company. Connecting with other families helps to strengthen our community and creates a bound that lasts a lifetime.


Registration and Tuition


Registration can be completed online by clicking the purple link below. The registration fee is $75.



We divide yearly tuition into equal monthly payments. These monthly tuition payments are due and payable on or before the 1st of each month with a grace period until the 5th. Payments received after the 5th of the month are considered past due and a late fee of $15.00 will be added. Tuition must be paid by the 5th of the month.  We will offer NEW ways to pay tuition for the upcoming year.  If there are any special circumstances concerning tuition payments, please contact Business Manager, Blair Gantz at: to discuss your options.  Are you interested in paying weekly, biweekly or need a different payment date? No problem. We have FLEXPAY! If you are simply setting up a payment plan, you can contact the front desk from 8:30am-2:30pm.

Registration payments and tuition are non-refundable. 


Questions & Tuition Rates?  Contact Preschool Director, Laurie Dauer at (724) 443-3796 or

A Parent Review...



"We are lucky to have so many great options in our community, but PRYC's preschool program stood out. Knowing they are a pillar of the community brought us in, but their teachers and curriculum blew us away.  All children learn at their own pace and in their own way, so it was important that we found a school that used an individualized/child centered approach. The entire PRYC staff are an extension of our family. They know my son, his quirks and his personality. Most importantly, HE knows that he is nurtured" -A. D. 

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