Dear RYF Preschool Families:


The following is the PRYC Plan for dealing with Pandemic Virus Covid-19.


We have been notified by the Pine-Richland School District that school will be closed.


In alignment with the Pine-Richland school district, the RYF Preschool and the PRYC building are closed.   


While adhering to the social distancing practices outlined by the Governor of Pennsylvania and the CDC, the Executive Director, Business Coordinator, and Preschool Director will maintain a limited schedule to continue the electronic business with hours based on the Executive Director judgement. At such time the CDC or PR School District, whichever comes first, make the recommendation to resume business as normal, RYF Preschool and PRYC programs will resume operation.



RYF Preschool Operations:

The RYF Preschool has put in place a contingency plan to extend the school year by up to two weeks. This plan will only be put into effect if the PR School District resumes classes before the expected district June 3rd end date. The plan will supplement for each missed day, up to two weeks. The plan is as follows:

May 26th-May 29th

June 1st-June 5th

(The K-Prep/Plus Graduation date will be adjusted and communicated accordingly)


RYF Preschool Tuition:

If applicable, all paid March tuitions will be applied to the extended school year dates.  

In the event of prolonged PR School District and RYF Preschool closure, which would extend through the remainder of the school year, the RYF Preschool contingency plan to extend the school year shall be void and all paid tuition from the date of the school closure will be prorated. Unused/paid days will be refunded via a check or credited to the family account. Prorated refunds will be issued after June 3, 2020. Tuition questions can be directed to Lisa Finn, Business Coordinator, at


RYF Preschool Extended Learning:

During times of missed school, the RYF Preschool will offer extended learning through Class Dojo. The Preschool Director will provide age level appropriate materials to assist parents with maintaining a positive and continued level of learning within the home. These materials are optional and serve to provide a continued connection between the RYF preschool and student. Parents should email the Preschool Director, Jennifer Nicotra at with any educational questions or for additional educational support.


The PRYC and RYF Preschool staff understand the uncertainty of school closure. Our community is dealing with a pandemic virus which is offering many and patience is of utmost importance during this time. During the upcoming closure, we will surely miss our student’s smiles in the hallways and watching the learning and laughter in the classrooms take place. We are a family here, and we will continue to watch out for each other during this closure. Upon your return, we will pick up where we left off and begin the appropriate transition together.


All our best,


Larry Bracco, Executive Director

Jennifer Nicotra, Preschool Director

Lisa Finn, Business Coordinator


2020-21 RYF 

Preschool Registration






TWO’S LEARN WITH ME (20 months – 30 months before Sept. 2020)

For tots and a caregiver, children will get a taste of the preschool experience as they build a strong foundation of early learning and motor skills. Instructor led activities will include stories, finger play, crafts and music. There will also be time for open-exploration of age-appropriate learning centers.  12 Week Fall Session (Sept.- Dec.) Choose between M/F or W class session.


Monday and Friday from 9:30AM-10:30AM  ($80 per month)

Wednesday from 9:30AM-10:30AM  ($60 per month)


TWO'S NURSERY SCHOOL (24+ months before Sept. 2020)

Our Toddlers have opportunity to explore their expanding world in a safe, supportive environment. With the The Creative Curriculum for Toddlers at the core, our program promotes independence, social skills and self-confidence. Research-based objectives combined with our teacher’s responsive, tender care create meaningful learning experiences for our littlest learners. We understand that toilet training is a unique process for each child and strive to support your efforts. Students do not need to be toilet trained to participate in the Nursery School Program. September 2020-May 2021. Choose between MWF or T/TH class session!


Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:15AM-12:15PM  ($161 per month)

Tuesday and Thursday from 9:15AM-12:15PM  ($122 per month)




3's Preschool (3 years old before September 2020)

9:15-12:15 Tuesday and Thursday

9:15-12:15 Monday, Wednesday and Friday

12:30-3:00 Monday, Wednesday and Friday (PM SESSION)

The goal of the Preschool Program is to encourage social, physical and cognitive development through thoughtful and purposeful interactions. The Creative Curriculum and Handwriting Without Tears are integrated to establish developmentally appropriate learning goals. Intentional teaching practices engage students in dynamic classroom experiences helping them naturally expand their knowledge and skills. Playful, active learning is critical for healthy brain development. We understand that toilet training is a unique process for each child and strive to support your efforts. Students do not need to be fully toilet trained to participate in the Preschool Program.


Four's K-Prep (4 years old before September 2020)

9:15-12:15 Monday, Wednesday and Friday

9:15-12:15 Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

12:30-3:00 Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday


Four's K-Plus (4 years old before September 2020)

9:15-12:15 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Through project-based learning, engaging classroom centers and teacher directed activities K-Prep and K-Plus students are encouraged to practice physical, academic and social skills. The Creative Curriculum and Handwriting Without Tears are integrated to establish developmentally appropriate learning goals. We encourage critical thinking skills while expanding on knowledge in the key areas of math, science and literacy. Students build a strong foundation of learning skills and leave ready for Kindergarten.

A $48 ($45 plus $3 service fee) Non-Refundable fee will secure your child's space within our programs! 



2 Day: $122


3 Day: $161


4 Day AM: $203


5 Day: $239

A Parent Review...



"We are lucky to have so many great options in our community, but PRYC's preschool program stood out. Knowing they are a pillar of the community brought us in, but their teachers and curriculum blew us away.  All children learn at their own pace and in their own way, so it was important that we found a school that used an individualized/child centered approach. The entire PRYC staff are an extension of our family. They know my son, his quirks and his personality. Most importantly, HE knows that he is nurtured" -A. D. 

Click the link for information. Register in person at the PRYC front desk! 

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