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PRYC Membership

Youth Membership

Youth membership is open to people 18 and younger and costs $50 annually.

Senior Membership

Senior membership is open to people 55 and older and costs $30 annually.

Family Membership

Family membership is open to families with two adults and children ages 18 & under living in the household, and costs $150 annually. 

College Membership

College students age 18-22 with verifiable student ID are welcome to join based on standard college "break" times.  Membership from May through August costs $40, and membership from December through January costs $20.

Adult Membership

Adult membership is open to people 19 to 54 and costs $75 annually.

Couples' Membership

Couples' membership is open to two people married, engaged, or otherwise linked together, and costs $100 annually.

Single Parent Membership

The Single Parent membership plan is open to families with one adult and children ages 18 and under living in the household and costs $100 annually.

Corporate Membership

If you represent a corporate group that is interested in group membership, contact Larry Bracco at 724-443-3796.

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