ONLINE PURCHASES ONLY~ The PRYC does not sell paper tickets



February 21st ~ PR 5th and 6th Only ~ VALENTINES PARTY–WEAR RED

May 15th ~ PR 5th and 6th Only ~ END OF THE YEAR CELEBRATION

Cost: $10

Time: 7PM-9PM 

Location: PRYC 5554 Community Center Drive, Gibsonia

Friday Night Live is where kids can come together and have a fun and safe time playing games, basketball, and skills challenges. There is a DJ with music (no slow songs), $1 snack bar and more! Kids love to dance during the dance contests and absolutely LOVE winning prizes! Any questions? Email Lisa Finn at



The F.N.L is NOT affiliated with the Pine-Richland School District


For the safety and security of all participants; we ask that you print out the ticket or present the ticket electronically on a phone. Tickets/phones will be scanned at the door.  Parents must stay in the lobby for pick-up.


Students are permitted to have cell phones however, the PRYC accepts no responsibility for lost or damaged devices. Students are not permitted to video other students on their phones. We have a phone available for child use if needed to call home.

Chaperones are needed! Email to offer to chaperone. Must have clearances.  Free ticket for child given!


The PRYC expects all students and parents to behave in a manner respectful to themselves and the PRYC. We have a zero tolerance policy for behavior issues.  Parents will be notified by the phone number provided to pick up a disruptive child. 

The Northern Regional Police may at times be on site.  Please do not be alarmed by their presence as they are helping to secure and facilitate a safe departure.

Students can bring money for the $1 snack bar, but please bring $1, or $5 bills. We cannot cash $20 bills.


For the safety and security of all participants; we ask that you print out the ticket or present the ticket electronically on a phone. Tickets/phones will be scanned at the door.


This is a casual event where the dress should be athletic in nature. Refrain from wearing shoes that will slip (no dress shoes/heels)


Again, pick up is at the PRYC at 9PM.

Parents are asked to make their way to the lobby where they can meet up with kids. The first F.N.L is always very busy in the parking lot! Take your time parking and don't rush in. We expect a slow release of children as parking spots become available. Lisa Finn and/or staff will stand in the door to be sure each child is with a parent. Do not expect your child to cross Community Center Drive to meet you at local restaurants. We do not allow that.


We will send an email the day before the event where you can list your child's name and emergency contact.


Chaperones are needed. Email Lisa Finn at to request to chaperone, you will then receive a free ticket for your child, so do not complete this process. Chaperone spaces will fill up as well! THANK YOU.


When tickets are sold out, they are sold out. Please do not come to the PRYC and try to obtain tickets. We will not sell more than 275. 


Do not over buy tickets! You will be asked to return tickets to PRYC if found over purchasing, and your child will not be able to attend the function.


Again, the PRYC expects the most respectful of behavior by the attendees. Any child disrespecting the PRYC, staff, or chaperones or partaking in inappropriate or disruptive behavior will be sent home and will not be allowed to return to future F.NL. events. The PRYC operates solely on a Kindness, Friendship, Fun motto! We will have a great time!


Any questions? Email Lisa Finn at

February 21st -Wear Red! 

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